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I’ve been on a 35 year quest for the perfect guitar tone... Through all those years of experimentation, playing live, recording, fronting bands as well as building & repairing gear, I have no problem saying that I’ve learned a few things about TONE.  I’ve pioneered Gallop Amplification as a  means to help bring the thrill of the quest for the perfect tone to a broader group of players and enthusiasts.  What I really love to do is work with players to develop an amp that helps them to more fully express their passion and style without breaking the bank.  My customers are my friends and partners in an on-going endeavor to keep the pure joy of musical expression focussed and affordable.  Give me a call or shoot me an Email and we’ll get started designing your next “perfect” tube amplifier. 

Don Gallop

Gallop Amplification

Las Vegas NV


Custom Hand Built Point-to-point Guitar - Bass & Harmonica Amplifiers

One-off builds per customer specs,  you dream it - we can build it

amp modifications - cosmetic upgrades - custom cabinets - all colors

high quality components and craftsmanship - integrity - honesty - value